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In The year 2002 AD, planet earth was on the edge of social and economic breakdown due to incurable diseases, drugs, crimes & etc. Through the development of science, especially in the field of Genetic Engineering great advances had been made. ..The world was no longer populated by only humans but also Cyborgs and Bioroids without establishing the standards and resolving the fundamental questions of how they would be controlled and treated. ..These human replicas had fallen into the hands of societies criminal element and were bing utilised in their fight against the Establishment.

The governments of the day used the traditional methods to fight the criminal war lords, such as police and army but when the situation required a more covert response, the underground mercenaries of Blade Warrior were utilised. ..Blade Warrior were a band of retired and discredited soldiers who were paid by the Establishment to undertake covert missions.

On the 24th June 2022 at 16:00 hours, Sou who is one of the youngest members of Blade Warrior was finally given his first mission for Blade Warrior. ..A marauding band of Mechadine had been sighted in D-C-14 district, where the regular meeting of the security council was taking place. ..Sou is now heading for D-C-14 district with H-Craft to quell the marauding of Mechadine with excitement, But having a premonition that his first mission may be his last..... .