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Genre: Roleplaying
Requirements: P3 166 / 32MB RAM / Windows 95
Recommended: P3 233/ 64MB RAM
Release: 1997
No more fixed heroes and fixed stories. Free Scenario System, Cell Animation, and Gigantic scale of Forgotten Saga will mesmerize the players
You will always find something interesting in this world!
Astonishia_Story - Forgotten Saga is a light-hearted RPG adventure.
Humor and sarcasm is sprinkled all over hundreds of events you get to experience depending on your party and popularity.
While wandering around the world of Astonishia as treasure hunters, players will experience the wacky humor and heart warming stories.

Epic scale, Free Scenario System, Free Party Organization... many words can be used to describe Forgotten Saga, but all you need to remember is "FUN!"
Scale, Size, Volume...
Over 1,000 characters and 100 events.
Free Scenario System
Player's will directs the story flow and event experience.
Unique fighting skills for each character
Every character in your party has different fighting skills, which will help the player identify and sympathize them.
Organize your own party
Player can organize his/her own party before starting the game.
Game System
Breaking free from the convention of "fixed hero, fixed story," Forgotten Saga lets the player make up your own character and travel freely with Free Scenario System. Player can choose from 4 races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit) and 8 jobs (Knight, Warrior, Magician, etc.) Turn-based battles become even more exciting with more than 200 magic spells, whose chanting voices you can actually hear!