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Genre: Action RTS
Developer: Blueside
Publisher: Microsoft (US), Phantagram (Europe / Asia)
Platform: X-BOX
Website: http://www.kufheroes.com
Release: September, 2005
A vastly enhanced sequel to the revolutionary Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. More explosive action! Deeper strategy! Enhanced Live features! New characters and missions! A world of swords and sorcery is created for you. How long can you survive in it?
Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes is an Action/RTS game set in the fantasy land of Bersia.

Players can experience the epic battles at a very personal level, as one of the seven war heroes to vanquish enemies, lead their armies, and strive to find a meaning in their lives in this time of chaos.

A war breaks out when a small town near the Eastern border of Hironeiden is pillaged by an army of unknown origin. Each of the seven heroes has his/her own campaign revolving around this great war to decide the fate of all mortals. The story takes place in the same time frame as the predecessor, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, but will be based on the events that took place before the war, hidden incidents during the war, or decisive battles that were not in The Crusaders.

With enhanced Xbox Live ™ features, players can test their skills in several types of online multiplayer modes. Troop Battle Mode features big scale battles where players manage and command their armies in real-time to defeat opponents. Hero Battle Mode is a deadly arena where up to 6 warriors single-handedly face each other purely depending on their strengths and blades.

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes features battle scenes in an epic scale never-before-seen, for which the predecessor, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, has been celebrated by action/RTS fans worldwide. But this time, the action is even more explosive and the strategy is even deeper.

The hero to reestablish order in the chaotic continent of Bersia and become a history… It’s YOU.
Seven Playable Characters!!
Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes features seven charismatic characters, each of whom has his/her own combat style, campaign missions, and dramatic storylines.
Various Mission Types!!
On top of the 50 all new campaign missions, Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes boasts random missions, where the computer creates a new mission every single time, and custom missions, where players create the mission themselves. Total playtime easily runs over 50 hours in single-player mode alone!!
Explosive Action Sequences!!
While The Crusaders based the action sequences on realistic medieval combat skills with a touch of fantasy elements, Heroes goes all out to add stylish and super-human combat moves to the arsenal of the player characters. Swinging blades and clashing armors never looked this good!!
Enhanced Live Features!!
Live features are mainly divided into three modes: Troop Battle Mode, Hero Battle Mode, and Co-op Mode. All the features are carefully calibrated and tweaked to provide exciting online match experiences. Fair match conditions make each match extremely competitive, yet equally enjoyable among differently skilled players. Menus and Options are simplified, so that a game can be instantly set up and started. Observer Mode and Save Replay options help the player pick up all the necessary skills to mature into a seasoned veteran. Lastly, the four main heroes of The Crusaders return as playable characters in the Live mode, to increase the total roster to eleven.