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Genre: Arcade Action
Developer: Phantagram
Requirement: Windows 95
Based on BLUE, Phantagram's own fast and effective game engine platform, Blade Warrior displays parallax, huge bosses, multiple PCM and spectacular visual effects at 30fps even on lower 486 PC's. Gloomy and stylish graphic, intense battles, and attractive characters complete this high quality Action title.
1. Side-scrolling Arcade Action
2. Over 50 characters and enemies.
3. Stylish cyberpunk graphic and huge boss characters .
4. The most dynamic Arcade Action title on Windows 95
5. Based on DirectX, optimized for Windows 95.
6. Awarded Designed For Windows95 Logo at Priority 1
7. Never slows down under 30fps even when huge multi-jointed characters are displayed
8. Parallax and various special effects
9. CD-quality BGM