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Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Developer: Phantagram
Requirements: P3 166/ 32MB RAM / Windows 95
Recommended: P3 233/ 64MB RAM
Release: November, 2000
Combining Real-Time Strategy and Roleplaying, Kingdom Under Fire appeals to both RPG fans who enjoys a good plot line and character growth and multiplayer fans who want to compete against other players.
Spectacular visuals
Distinct 65,000 color high-resolution graphic
Game Engine BLUE boasts powerful 2D techniques such as Modulation Light, Displaycement Map, VQ Compression, etc.
A variety of mission maps recreate an entirely new world.
20 minutes of high-quality CG cinematics.
120,000 frames of character animation cuts display very realistic movements.
Breathtaking special effects enhance the powerful skills of each character.
Cutting edge 3D effects
Awesome magic spells are illustrated with 3D special effects.
Dynamic lighting effects - each unit and background objects are lit with advanced color lighting.
Rich combination of color mixtures and light overlays.
Fog effects and smoothed edges when using colored fog.
Revolutionary game play mechanics.
Player can choose between Human Alliance Campaign or Dark Legion Campaign.
Winning strategies can be created with 70 different units and powerful heroes.
Gold, Iron, Mana should be mined to produce units or research new technology.
Gold is used for training primitive units and building construction.
Iron is used for training advanced units and unit upgrade.
Mana is used for training magical units and summoning heroes.
RPG elements in Single Missions - Experience level increases after each victory, and is carried over to the next mission.
Each of the seven Heroes have his/her own unique arsenal of skills and spells.
There are 12 missions for each race, and each Hero has his/her own RPG Story mission.
Items in RPG Mode - over 100 special items are provided in Hero RPG Missions.
Player can chat with opponents or partners while playing game online.
Stable Multi Play through Wargate.Net
Wargate.Net supports Ladder System, League-mode Multiplay Mode, and Tournament Mode.