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Genre: Action
Developer: Phantagram / Q Entertainment
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platform: XBOX360
Website: http://www.n3-game.jp
Release: Q1 2006
A collaborative work between Phantagram, the pioneer of console RTS games, and Q Entertainment, led by the iconic Mizuguchi Tetsuya, Ninety Nine Nights is a truly next-generation experience with magnificent graphics, spectacular scale, and dramatic plotline.

Ninety Nine Nights (N3) is an adrenaline-charged action title that follows a struggle between forces of light and dark. At a glance of the extraordinary high-definition visuals, players will be immersed in the fantasy world of N3.

In a peaceful land where humans and goblins used to coexist in harmony, an ominous sign triggers an interracial war and young warriors are called to fight for the fate of the worlds.

A combination of exciting action and deep story, N3 presents a philosophical message that will make players think again about war and justice.