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Genre: Action RTS
Developer: Phantagram
Publisher: Microsoft (US), Phantagram (Europe / Asia)
Platform: X-BOX
Website: http://kuftc.blueside.net
Release: October, 2004
As the first strategy title for Xbox, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders mixed Action, RPG and RTS elements to create an experience gamers will never forget.
Experience an epic scale medieval warfare!!
Over 100 warriors, each rendered with 3,000 to 4,000 polygons, fight realistically on one screen!
Player character, created with 5,000 to 100,000 polygons, lead hundreds of troops into the fierce combat.
Even with this scale and detail, the frame rate never drops under 30fps.
From infantry soldiers to grotesque monsters, pick and choose from a vast selection of units to form your army.
Even the smallest details of each unit's movement and equipment are realistically materialized.
Elements that affect your strategy
Aerial units will inflict damage when they crash into your troops. A careful strategy on their usage is required.
The direction of the Sun, equipment, troop density, attack timing, wind directions affect your performance.
Ground height and condition affect your troop formation.
When in a close formation, the attack and defense rate of your troops increase. But their mobility is sacrificed and they become invulnerable to catapults and meteor.
When raining, fire attack and fire arrows become useless. Also heavy objects are hard to move.
The wind direction and speed affect the direction of fire and the range of arrows.
Smoke screen can block enemy view, but a careful consideration of the wind direction and weather condition is necessary.
Heroes turn the tide of battle
Heroes can single-handedly change the outcome of a battle.
Depending on your hero's performance, an enemy force twice larger than yours can be defeated.
Player controlled main heroes and supporting sub-heroes exist. Up to 2 sub-heroes can fight under your command.
Sub-heroes can use powerful spells and deadly skills, such as meteor shower, thunder blast, or massive healing.
When the main hero's HP runs out, he will be disabled for a preset duration, which will become a big factor in the battle.
Although your heroes are the most powerful warriors, they cannot face the entire enemy force by themselves.
Upgrading your units: RPG element
Troops are moved through waypoints on a 3D worldmap
Characters can level-up or change jobs with experience points earned at battle. (Heroes are fixed as infantries)
Powerful weapons and armors can be also purchased at castles with gold points earned at battle.
Witnessing a war through 4 perspectives
Player can choose among 2 human nations (Easy, hard) and 2 Dark Legion nations(Easy, hard).
Easy modes of each race need to be cleared in order to play Hard modes of that race.
Depending on who the player chose, the plot tells a different side of the war saga.
An unselectable 5th rach exists.
The Power of Scale and Reality! - Sound and Camera.
Instead of simple system message display, all units cry out their status report like in a real battle field.
Dynamic camera work follows the action with angles that remind one of Hollywood blockbusters.
Xbox LIVE!
2-player deathmatch and ladder ranking.
Gold and Experience points resulting from each match can be used to develop one's army and prepare for the next session.
Optimatch option will enable everyone to enjoy a match against another player of similar skills.